Free Write

Nice To Meet Me …

Hello i am Lanecia Or i go by Mindfxckedyou .. i have deciced to make a blog to post all my thoughts &nd poems. i will also be posting poems that i like or that give me Motivation. this is just a good start for me i want to become known for this blog but I know that it is going to take sometime befor i become well known or even put out there. I want whatever i post to give others hope or even help them get through a bad day. ive been through things some people or friends would have never even thought but i am only 19 &nd still learning from mistakes so i have alot of growning up to go ; yet i feel as though i am on my way &nd this is an amazing start for me to blog &nd i only pray that i get good FAME from this i want my poems to be seen around the world or anything i put on here to just be seen by any &nd everyone … this was just a beggning post their are many more to come 🙂

&nd i hope who ever reads will enjoy ❤


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