Letss Takee a Trip ..

i wanna be in my own worldd .. leave all the badd things behindd no more crys no more bullshit i could vist spacee or the moon or swim in the worldd of a butterfly’s mindd hahaa just jump into your smilee

i wanna go where thinggs are backwardss lets start by never seein pain nd runin away from lovee so that you never have to fight with a brokenheart everyday you wake up missing something not knowin what it iss …

but you gotta go findd it so when you grow up you’ll never have a missin piece

i dont wanna see you hurt letss make every moment count every smilee last &nd every tear dry upp Cause with mee in my worldd theres no suchh thingg as pain .. you will always know there is something better ; But yet  im sittin here watchhin your life catch firee ..

baby let the rain clear up your hot skyss {its your choice to join my worldd] &nd its minee to let you in (u_u) untill then ill continue to be the tear in your dream &nd the dream in your heart ❤


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