Free Write

Theses Lonely Thoughts

This world i live in with all my thoungts .. they drive me crazy ; most days i feel sad or  below myself. i want to cry but i hold back tears of hate tawords ones who have hurt me &nd never thouhght to ask if  i was alright or how they could hlep when they try to be apart of my world still. Most days i want to give up on what should mean so much to people .. this place &nd or thing that we call life that everyone should be grateful for but for some reason most people are not. Its like im trying to fight a war that i always get myself into .. but how do you get your self out of something that you have created ? i sit back &nd i over think alot about my life &nd the people who are in my life. i take alot of things for granted &nd now i am slowly finding out the meaning of life &nd what i have to offer it.


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