Just Another Day

When I was younger of course i was so in love with Christmas but now that i am older it just seems so pointless to me. Just another day to me, My family never wants to get together its a sad thought to know that the time of year when everyone should want to be together and they just don’t want to. As a child growing up you become apart of your parents and how you act most times is because of the way that you were raised. So i have so many different family member in me. I wish that i was exited about  Christmas and could tell people that i am having fun enjoying time with my family. But in real life i’m not its just something that’s going on around me and i feel like i have no part in it. That’s a fucked up feeling i mean i do have family here and we are together right now but its still like were so far apart from each other. Crazy that i feel so strongly about all of this maybe it because i have always had such good Christmas’s. So now i’m just like blah could this day be over with already but i hope that this to will pass. I am truly blessed that god had let me see the days that i see everyday but i truly hope that my family can all come together one day. 


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