Free Write

2013 New Mind State

I’m going into 2013 with a brand new mind state. And if that means cutting people out of my life than thats just fine. I’ve come to the point were i realize that having friends may only hold me back … I care to much for people and thats whats been holding me back. So starting the new year I am only worried about me and family. The friends i thought we’re my family just turned out to people in my life just taken up space. I mean i still love them dearly but its time to push them on and out. Now this new me is ready to stay focused on myself and school and moving forward with all my dreams and goals. I even see myself starting a beautiful healthly relationship with someone one day soon. 2013 will be the start of my new life. I’m starting over for myself and I feel so blessed to have even made it this far. It’s a new positive happy Lanecia Shondrica Richmond. I’m ready for you 2013 


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