Free Write

Afraid to love again.

When ever i talk to Andre i start to think a billion things that could go right with the relationship and then a billion more things on what could go wrong. I truly am afraid to get hurt again. What if he’s a liar or what if he isn’t sure on what he wants. I know what i want and thats a real relationship where someone feels for me what i feel for them. Love is a scary ass thing someone can get hurt at anytime and that pain is just unbearable. I want to believe that Andre wants to be in a relationship with me. With everything I’m about to have going on it would be really nice to have someone there for me and with me through everything might go through this year. And I want to be there for him as well I want us to go from strangers then to lovers. I want to be the girl who makes him happy i want him to come to me when he has had a bad day and just wants to vent to someone. I truly do want to end up being Andre’s everything but I’m so afraid that I won’t get to that point with him. I’m trying not to mess up us talking I want to see where 2013 takes us but what if me being afraid fucks everything up. I’ll continue to talk and get to know him. Hopefully this is the guy that will end up loving me and mean it and won’t give up on us. 


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