Being Alone ,, i start to think i think so much that thinking is starting to overwhelm me with pain and sorrow. i don’t know who to trust and afraid to let people in who might just love me. i’m starting not to even love myself. i walk around with all this hidden pain i sometimes wonder if people can see it all on my face. I can sit around a crowd of people and still feel so alone like i’m just there and people talk around me even through me as if i’m not even there. Yet being alone in a way keeps me sane .. but keeps me in my own world that goes to war with emotions and wanting to be free to have love and joy and i can’t completely give that to myself. My world won’t allow it I can’t let people in that might destroy me and hurt me kill my heart with lies. So instead I sit here alone listen to music smoke and let my mind wonder in places i could never take myself in real life.When will being alone get better when can i say that yes I’m truly happy with where I’m at .. ?


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