Free Write

Love ?

you ever just knew when you where in love with someone .. like no matter what they did or even how many times they hurt you.. at the end of the day you still felt love? i feel it everyday .. sometimes it’s a painful feeling. but it goes away when i lay with him and we just looking into each others eyes i feel like nothing else matters .. like nobody can take how I’m feeling away while I’m sleep in his arms or even kissing his lips. this is a strong feeling i never thought i could feel like this but it hurts cause when i think about how much i love him i also think about the pain I’m putting myself in afterwards and how i know deep down that he loves me back .. but were both just young and confused about our lives and whats really going on. He’s holding on to a love that might never change that he might never leave. Yet i stay and hope that he knows that our love is real and that id go to the moon for him. mhm sometimes i think this love is all in my head and i could be overreacting but i really do LOVE him no I’m really IN LOVE with this boy even if he doesn’t see it yet i know it’s there and hopefully when he dose find out .. it won’t be to late…….. i guess i don’t really know what real love is yet but i know what it feels like and that’s what i feel when I’m with him. guess I’m foolish


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