Free Write


why dose it feel like everyone is against or out to get me for whatever reason .. I haven’t done anything but try and be a good friend to people or be there. yes it true i do somethings i shouldn’t do when I’m feeling some type of way but that’s on;y because people keep crossing me but at the same time be needing me. I’m so done with it this is not how I  pictured my  2013 going at all shit 2012 was much better then this how this year is going I just don’t understand why everything  is falling apart the way it is. I feel depressed … angry sometimes i even wanna cry but no tears fall cause I’ve made myself to strong to even let a tear fall. I guess my main thing is why the fuck is all this happening to me the way it is. i feel trapped in my own life like no matter what i do bad things are just going to happen. I want to leave Vegas but at the same time i don’t, i know things will get better but then again what if they don;’t … I’m tryna my hardest with school i try  finding a  job.  Nothing seems to be getting any better .. I just want to sleep that’s all not die or anything but just sleep .. just forever sleep and be at peace with myself not stressed depressed or angry just sleeping. Shit that’s when I’m most happy is when I’m asleep .. only time things seem to be okay is when I’m sleeping fuck man I just want things to get better so that i won’t feel the way i been feelings hopeless … heartbroken. When will this pain stop ? I miss being Happy …


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