Free Write

Like and Love

Now i have gotten myself is a situation … Yes i find myself still dealing with Demaria and i love him with all my heart that would never change but last Saturday i felt that i was no longer (In Love) with him and that for the most part was so weird for me cause i at a point i couldn’t picture my life without him. Now an old crush Daniel  is kinda back in my life and I have always liked him but I’m not sure where this might be going it seems like if we kept it up things might be okay. I mean i have a guard up with him for the simple fact that he could be just using me. I be upon game when it comes to this but the way he tripped out on me the other night made it seemed like he had some type of feelings. I’m not sure tho i mean Demaria not really changing at this point and i don’t mind starting over with Daniel it’s just I’m to get all caught up in my feelings over another nigga that’s just about games or if he going to be emotional unstable towards me. I could see myself starting a life with Daniel and that’s weird but it’s the vibe that i get from him when we be together. With Demaria it’s just we love each other but nothing has changed and we been at this for sometime now and I’m ready to be in some type of relationship. I’m to confused and it’s tripping me out but hopefully God guides me in the right direction. Just whats on my mind ….


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