The last few months all i could do was complain about my life and everything that has been going on in it. I feel so unfocused about what my main goals are but now I know what i want to do and where i want to be. I haven’t known what it is that i want to write about or how to get started but at some point i have to get started right? So I thought why not start out small and write anything .. just anything at all, so i’m ready to do this to start with stories and on to everything that I’m thinking in general. I feel like in this blog I can say whatever it is that I want to. The point of this is to get out all my feelings and imagination out so that I’m not holding it in anymore. That goes with Poems and stories and just everything, there is a writer inside me and i have been afraid to completely bring her out. Now is the time get ready this is a side of me that no one has seen of me.  


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