Free Write

You forgot

I feel like a fool for still thinking about you everyday and every night. When it seems like you have forgot that I was once even apart of your world. I catch myself missing you a lot lately could that mean that I was really that in love that i still find myself  fighting to let all of you go. I wish i didn’t have all these thoughts in my mind racing every night. Missing you has become a addiction of some kind. yet i don’t want to be with you because I know that things will never go back to being the same and starting over with you would only mean going back in time to fix what was already broken. I hate that i feel this way I hate that i still think about you everyday and it seems like I don’t cross your mind at all. I’m always fighting back tears from falling some days i HATE you for giving up on us and leaving me with all this heartache and other days i only wish you were here to hold me and i wish i could wake up to you kissing me and loving me the way you use to. I feel like this every day and I just hide it and put it away like nothing ever happen. I wish you loved me as much as i love you or that you were in love with me the way i was in love with you and maybe we could have made it. Maybe I’m a fool for still feeling this way even after all we have been through. I hope this all will pass cause I know that you have let me go and I’m just having a hard time  to forget about you as easy as you have forgot about me.


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