Free Write, Poems

Dying Slow

You ever just really had to deal with healing your heart alone with absolutely nobody by your side. I’m hurting drowning in a sea a pain the tears aren’t enough. I miss you more then a human should miss another person, I’m screaming on the inside so LOUD but my smile has hidden the noise. It’s hidden so well I fool myself Sometimes, don’t ask me who I am because now I don’t know. I’ve met this girl who with holds so much heartbreak that she can’t see her on reflection. I feel as though God has broke me so that I’ll meet the new me but I’m missing him Lord why give me love then take it away. I’m finding such a hard time getting past this. I love him I was there for him I gave him all of me and he’s completely pushed me out. This pain is driving me crazy I feel like what’s the point if life whens there is so much pain in the world. This feeling is unbearable. I’d rather sleep my life away then being awake feeling like this … please take this pain away


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