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Losing Magic …

Most times I just feel it .. but sometimes I feel it slipping away from the both of us. Your My Heart and my soul ; You ever just feel this magic this spark that comes from every kiss every touch? The way you make my heart feel this feeling I’d never get from another just feels as if it’s magic. It’s magic that can’t be replaced yet when it’s lost you feel all this empty space how could a love so amazing make me feel so confused and misunderstood.. I see in your eyes the love you can’t speak aloud and the pain in your soul that you may never over come. I’ve never felt a love so strong sadly nether have you to bad the love you feel is for another and the magic you feel is for her. I want it all for me but how can you promise me a love when i can’t promise myself to love you forever ; I see me in you and you in me a magic worth fighting for but what’s worth fighting for is you lose it all before it really begins.


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