Free Write, Poems

Shooter … 

A week ago I watched this girl try and take my BestFriendds life .. We were just taking a long way home and boom something horrible happens within a matter of seconds. The girl never looked twice at me and I wonder why .. Why didn’t she shot me too? I’m at the point in my life where I’m okay but I’m afraid of not being okay. A month ago life was set one way and now it’s something completely different and it feels different. I think twice about everything now I’m more afraid of the dark and that’s crazy to me because the dark was once something I found Comfort in. 
This girl changed so much in lives that she knows nothing about. Things will never be the same and what makes it worse is my out look on people. I want to feel safe again but it’s hard when now all I can see is evil in any stranger walking down the street. 

Love I once felt in my heart no longer feels the same. My mind is all over the place and all because of something I watched happen and I was so helpless in that moment. It’s a night I wish never would have happen it feels like a nightmare I’ll never be able to wake up from and when I sleep it’s the first thing on my mind when I wake up. I’ve never been one to hold fear in my heart but I seen a monster up close and she saw me to. So who’s to say we will never see each other again ….. I pray to god .. Now I wonder what is going to become of me now how will my mind heal and how can I move on from this. This shooter took my peace of mind and I’d give anything to have it back….. 


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