My viewers thoughts 

I see that I have some followers on WordPress but I wonder if anything I write actually catches anyone’s attention. Can anyone really relate to what I’m saying or am I just another pointless writer. I’m just trying to find out who I am again it’s been a lot that has made me lose myself and lose sight of why I want to be alive. I don’t like to play a victim or seem like I want some type of attention, because that is definitely not the case. Growing up writing has always been apart of my life I have been writing since I was little it’s always something that has brought me joy or some type of peace. I want that feeling again I’ve recently lost myself in a big way. Now I’m just tying to put my life back together and  figure out who I am and what makes me happy. Now that means I have to take a closer look at the people I surround myself with because I’m not sure I have made the right choices in the friends I have. Or maybe I have more demons then I can Handle so this is my fresh start. I feel like it’s going to be a long Journey but I know it’s well needed so I can become a better me and have a better life.


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