How can I know

I’m so tired of this life … Well this part of my life I’m living right now. I waited so long for you and your hurting me. I’ve stressed myself till no end and it’s as if you don’t even care. It’s so hard for me to get my words out and express myself and even when I do find the right words .. It as if their still not enough. I can’t keep trying and hurting this way. So I’ll just let you go cause it’s heart breaking for me to try and stay. A love like ours was one of a kind and I try to keep hope that I’ll find another love like this but something much better to hold on to. Someone who’s not afraid to lose me I want someone who looks forward to being with me and wants nothing but the best for me. I want to be with someone who I can encourage everyday of his life. I want to a wife and I didn’t realize it until now and now I know that you can’t and won’t give me the happiness that I deserve. The hardest part about letting you go is actually letting you go. 


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