Sometimes people will suprise you ; it’s crazy that night I realized I was alone but the people that ended up being there for me where the ones I never expected to be. I hate saying I’m lost because as soon as I think I found my way … I feel like I’m taking the wrong path. I don’t know what feels right anymore and what feels wrong. Am I confused or lost , sometimes I think I’m scared of the outcome because for the most part nothing good has come out of any things ive chose to do. I love life but at night I rather die then live another day trying to see if I’m going to be okay. Because most days I’m not okay and that scares me That I rather die then live to see another day .. I’m not where I want to be I don’t have what I had a year ago. I keep going because I’m Curious to see what will happen and if it will break me. I feel like if I sleep forever nothing can hurt me…. Life has taken over me and I don’t know if I can do it. I’m trying tho I’m trying. 


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