We’re falling apart.

See We stay together because we’re afraid to lose each other … I hate the thought of you being with someone else and I’m sure you feel the same yet I don’t know how you feel but I’m sure you’ve been with someone else anyway. I keep thinking I’m holding on to love when I’m just being selfish ; you don’t know what I feel inside how some days I feel completely in love with you and other days I look at you and wonder how I could love you ? We play this game on who can hurt who the worst and then we say sorry and come back together trying to pretend as if nothing happen when in the back of our minds we still feel pain. I have a hard time trying to put our love back together when every other day it just falls apart again. I don’t know if I’m just use to you being around or why it’s so hard to let you go. I’m tired of this pain tho ; I feel as if your acting crazy because of me and I’m scared to leave you because I know in a way I keep you grounded and try and keep your mind in the right place. I’m not playing my part on being your Wife because your not playing your part on being my love. Some days are good but most of our days are bad. I don’t want to fight I don’t want to feel like this and I don’t want you to feel how you feel either. What do we do ? A love like this only comes around once …. I don’t want it to die ; we can’t go on like this tho  were falling apart and I feel like I have to give you up ……. 


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