Random thoughts 

I always thought I’d experience heartbreak and I think I’m ready for it. I never am tho ; I sit here and I feel all this pain my heart throbbing and aching racing at such a fast pain and it hurts like crazy. I can barley breathe but still managed to breathe ; we have these fights and I can feel you playing me and you have the nerve to do it in my face. 

We keep saying we’re better then this but damn you just hit me in my fucking face. Then lay on top of me and say you love me and I’m loving it only because of the way you fuck me. But I’m tired of this shit I keep shooting for a real goal for us and I miss. But damn now I’m thinking about your kiss …. This love is bad for me and draining me ; I’ve never been through this before so my reaction is new everytime because I’m always right ; I keep waiting for you to prove me wrong and mean what you say. Now everyday I can’t look at you the same.. My love for you is just slipping away.


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