It’s hard because… I’m so mad but then all I can think about is kissing you. I love you I know that I do Stop don’t make me feel like I’m crazy .. My heart races when I hear your voice. It’s like a thousand butterflies flying around my heart.Wait Stop don’t walk away cause I didn’t think I could ever say this to your face. Here I am here we are trying to find ways to stay together. I can’t trust a love that I stopped believing in. You made me this way .. Not being able to trust you is such a scary pain. I Stop and think how could I just let a love like this go you’ve always been my hero … Now I can’t help but feel that our love is at an all time low. Baby we’re suppose to grow ..I hate to watch you walk out the door. My pride won’t let me say STOP don’t go… Losing you would be hard but staying isn’t helping at all. I want to fall back in your love but I’m drowning in a sea full of confusion .. Love shouldn’t hurt like this and there I go thinking about your kiss again … Can’t I just stop these painful thoughts ….


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