When I wake up I feel like I can’t breathe.. the first thing I think about when wake up is something from my past and I feel overwhelmed. So many thoughts … in life you either live or you die so it’s like I stop and think about which one am I doing. Can’t lie most days it feels like I’m dying ; I think about dying everyday… what’s the point of really living if your not really LIVING don’t get me wrong I have good moments and memories that are worth holding close to my heart… but over all I feel life slowly slipping away from me I’m watching everything and everyone I love get out of my reach.. I put my headphones in and I slip into another world like I’m running from myself and I’m tired of running. So when you get tired of running you have to face what ever facts come…. I have a lot of darkness inside me. I suppose things will get better or worse … before I take life into my own hands and twist it until it pops. 


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