Sometimes people will suprise you ; it’s crazy that night I realized I was alone but the people that ended up being there for me where the ones I never expected to be. I hate saying I’m lost because as soon as I think I found my way … I feel like I’m taking the […]

How can I know

I’m so tired of this life … Well this part of my life I’m living right now. I waited so long for you and your hurting me. I’ve stressed myself till no end and it’s as if you don’t even care. It’s so hard for me to get my words out and express myself and […]

Drowning in my life.

I love bodies of Water because I feel like it’s my life .. Most of my life I drown and I’m use to all this pain that life can bring, I see things in my dreams and it’s hard to focus on what’s real.  Sometimes we have to put things behind us and that may […]

My viewers thoughts 

I see that I have some followers on WordPress but I wonder if anything I write actually catches anyone’s attention. Can anyone really relate to what I’m saying or am I just another pointless writer. I’m just trying to find out who I am again it’s been a lot that has made me lose myself […]


ive be come tired and hopeless … To sleepy of all the day dreaming that I do and ready for it to become a reality wishing my love was home with me so that my nights are no longer scary sad and lonely. I’m praying on a new and good outcome but life is becoming […]

Shooter …¬†

A week ago I watched this girl try and take my BestFriendds life .. We were just taking a long way home and boom something horrible happens within a matter of seconds. The girl never looked twice at me and I wonder why .. Why didn’t she shot me too? I’m at the point in […]

Spotless mind

ive come so far from where I was at in my life. I’m back at that point where I know how to be okay by myself. For the most part … I don’t want to hurt you and I don’t want to hurt myself because I’m trying to save you ; who’s gonna save me […]